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Affordable Cable TV, no contracts or credit checks streaming to any smart device or smart TV and more for less!!!

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Residential Energy Program

The Energy program provides consumer education about choices and access to competitive supply offers in select deregulated markets. Through the 5LINX® portal, consumers in select deregulated markets can choose an offer through one of our affiliated suppliers.

Home Security

5LINX Security Systems provided by Protect America Inc. specializes in GE Wireless Security Systems for your home or business. Protect America is one of the fastest growing security Companies in the United States offering the most affordable and comprehensive security systems, video monitoring, and home automation packages nationwide. The partnership between 5LINX and Protect America Inc. enables 5LINX to provide affordable and reliable security services for our customers. With 5LINX Security Systems you can choose from an assortment of packages, including one specifically designed for a business.

Daily Dimes (*NEW*)

Daily Dimes – Turn Dimes into Dollars

Daily Dimes™ Exclusive Coupon Mall offers a vast variety of the highly coveted Pre-Clipped Sunday Insert Coupons from the Manufacturers you know and trust.

Save the time, mess, and hassle associated with searching and clipping Sunday Newspaper Coupon Inserts. Instead, select only the coupons you want and need, shipped FREE of Charge right to your door!

Enjoy savings of 50%, 60%, 70% or more when you shop smart by pairing Pre-Clipped Sunday Insert Coupons with sales, promotions, and the cost-cutting tips & techniques offered in our FREE eBook. Even better, earn 1 (one) Reward Point for every Dime redeemed for Pre-Clipped Sunday Insert Coupons!

Features and Benefits

  • Clip & Ship – Coupon Clipping Service
  • FREE eBook – How to Turn Dimes into Dollars
  • Daily Dimes – Prepaid MasterCard

Platinum Discount Network

FIVE STAR PASS offers member-only access to millions of ways to save at popular restaurants, retailer, hotels, theme parks and much more. This is the most comprehensive savings program available with current average member savings of more than $1,500 per year. Whether you’re at home or on the go, members have access to their own password protected savings portal that makes saving money easy.

The Platinum Discount Network also offers members a free credit consultation from leading credit evaluation and restoration company, The Credit Pros. A recent study shows that 79% of Americans have major errors on their credit reports that can significantly lower your credit rating and limit your ability to obtain loans. You could also be paying higher interest rates on the loans you are able to qualify for. This comprehensive service will evaluate your current credit status, discover problems and develop solutions to restore you credit.

Internet, Fiber Video & Cable TV

5LINX High Speed Internet helps you choose quality high speed services provided by one of our premier partners. Thus offering you high speed Internet in your area for less.

Tech 24/7

Who hasn’t experienced the frustration and helplessness that is felt when dealing with a computer virus or failure? 5LINX your one-stop shop for all essential services now offers Tech24/7, the perfect service for everyday computer needs, system failure, technical support, hardware repair and installations. 5LINX Tech24/7 keeps computers up and running with free anti-virus software, 24/7 remote support and onsite technical support at discounted rates. From the novice to the techy this is a product that you just can’t pass up.


5LINX Data Vault is a secure online backup service that is a reliable, secure and an automatic way to protect your music, photos, videos, presentations, emails and other precious files. Protect yourself against a theft, a hard drive failure, fire or even just an accidental user error that can wipe out your life’s history in a matter of seconds. 5LINX Data Vault eliminates this problem completely by providing a simple, secure and robust online backup solution. Just install it, select which folders you want to backup and forget about it. There’s no need to schedule your backups or leave your PC on overnight – it backs up your files as you work, so it’s completely hassle free.


5LINX SafeScore is your credit monitoring solution for the credit information you need to become – and stay – an informed consumer. Credit monitoring is the monitoring of an individual’s credit report for changes in order to detect suspicious activity or possible fraud. Credit monitoring notifies the member of reported changes on a credit file, such as loan data, inquiries, new accounts, judgments, and liens. Not just banks use credit scores – mobile phone companies, insurance companies and government bodies also use similar methodologies. In addition to monitoring financial health, suspicious changes on a credit file may indicate fraud. An individual needs to know if another person is acting on their behalf as soon as possible in order to limit the amount of damage done to their credit.

ID Guard

5LINX ID GUARD is the absolute BEST way to protect your identity working to respond to ever-increasing personal security challenges; our advanced technologies help protect what matters to you most when it comes to identity theft protection. You no longer have to fear the painful impact of a crime that is costing Americans over $50 billion a year, and causing untold harm to millions of innocent victims. 5LINX ID GUARD is simple, effective, and just plain works! It’s the only ID protection you’ll ever need.