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Access to Affordable Healthcare  5Linx TeleMed Plus (Individuals/Families)

Designed for you and your family to access, 5LINX Telemed Family+ provides the same access to doctor consultation services and prescription discounts as 5LINX Telemed, plus special savings on other health care services.

  • Unlimited, 24/7 telephone or video access to US Board Certified Doctors over a toll free number. No copay!
  • Pharmacy RX Card – Members save up to 60% on prescriptions at over 58,000 pharmacies.
  • Access to a 24/7 Registered Nurse hotline
  • Special savings on health care services, including;
    • Chiropractic care
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Alternative medicine such as acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, etc.
    • Lab testing
    • Imaging and x-ray
  • Guided Coverage Marketplace to help you make the right choice for health insurance coverage

The access to the nurse hotline, discounts on specialists, savings on dental and vision, discounts on lab and imaging, and alternative health features are restricted in the following states: AK, AR, CT, DE, FL, IA, IN, KS, LA, MA, MN, MT, NV, OK, RI, SC, UT, VT and WA.

If you live in one of the above states, you will be directed to 5LINX Telemed Family, which offers the 24/7 phone doctor access and prescription discount for you and your family, but does not include the DMPO benefits restricted in your state.


  • Determine if you’re eligible for subsidies and immediately see the savings as part of the application process
  • Talk to a licensed health broker available for consultation and support with ongoing support for claims, payments and questions

5Linx TeleMed (Individuals)

Designed specifically for individual consumers, 5LINX Telemed provides access to doctor consultations and a prescription discount program, wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Unlimited, 24/7 telephone or video access to US Board Certified Doctors over a toll free number. No copay!
  • Pharmacy RX Card – Members save up to 60% on prescriptions at over 58,000 pharmacies.


Wellness (*Ask about our “Free with 5” programs)

MontaVida Coffee™

MotaVida isn’t just another cup of coffee. It’s a brewed beverage infused with ingredients proven to have positive nutritious effects, like MCT oil, which has been integrated successfully in weight-loss programs. Ramon Seeds from the Central American Region are added to the beans before grinding, which provide a relaxing effect. Enjoy this smooth, delicious-tasting coffee, and know that it’s full of healthy ingredients to help you get ready for what’s ahead.

MontaVida Tea (NEW!!)

MontaVida Tea is tranquility in a cup. From your very ­ first sip, you will experience the MontaVida difference.

Our certified-organic healthy black tea is infused with antioxidant-delivering ramon seeds, and metabolism-boosting MCT oil. The result is an elegantly delicious tea that relaxes your senses, rejuvenates your mind, restores your energy… and renews your soul.

Hi5 Challenge

Your Hi5 Challenge is a 55-day program designed to help you live a health inspired life. The Hi5 Challenge Kit provides the tools you need to help achieve your health and fitness goals. With each Hi5 Challenge Kit you’ll get a month’s supply of nutritional products to help you lose weight, tone and build muscle.

Hi5Fuel (Now Better Tasting!!)

Living a better life takes energy, especially in this increasing busy world. Hi5 Fuel is your best choice for fast-acting energy and improved focus! It’s a new kind of energy shot with a powerful blend of ingredients such as caffeine, B-vitamins, Taurine and NIAGEN.

NIAGEN is a next-generation B-vitamin that is known as a “miracle molecule.” It acts as a metabolic booster, igniting your metabolism. NIAGEN not only invigorates your body, but also your brain. This powerful ingredient helps boost cognitive function and can protect against neurological disease.

Available in a 12 pack of 2 fl. oz. bottles

  • Improves Energy*
  • Increases Alertness*
  • Helps Burn More Calories*
  • Supports Optimal Endurance*
  • Promotes Peak Performance*

Hi5 Boost

Imagine enjoying sustain, focused energy throughout your day. Now there’s a better way to give your body the boost it needs every day. Hi5 Boost is powered by PURENERGY, a patented ingredient that extends the fat-burning effect of caffeine, while eliminating the usual “crash”. Plus, Hi5 Boost includes pterostilbene – the primary antioxidant component in blueberries- which studies show can reduce the build-up of body fat.

Hi5 Lean

With a busy lifestyle it’s not always easy for people to make the right food choices to lose weight and live a health inspired life. Who has the time to count calories or weigh out their meals? It’s too easy to skip meals or choose fattening fast food for the sake of convenience. Hi5 Lean is a delicious shake that can help anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Hi5 Edge

The cruel reality is that our cellular energy levels are highest at birth and decrease dramatically with age. Scientists, however, have identified a “miracle molecule” (NAD+) that enables cells to produce more energy by actually reversing the degenerative effects of aging. Now you can benefit from this breakthrough with Hi5 Edge—featuring Niagen®, the world’s first and only commercially available B3 vitamin that your body actually converts into essential NAD+.